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Match making synonyms

Match making synonyms

Using Synonyms effectively creates a better shopping experience for your customers by allowing them to focus less on the search terms they use and more on the products they are interested in. There are two types of synonyms: Grouped and One way Synonyms Synonyms always need to be re-indexed after making changes Grouped Synonyms Grouped synonyms treat all words in the group as equivalent so that when you search for any of the words in the group it will also find any of the other words in the group.

One-Way Synonyms One-Way synonyms find alternative words for a search query but the alternative terms are not synonyms of each other. One way synonyms are good for more generic words and finding products matching the more specific terms.

Multi-Word Synonyms Synonyms are intended to offer control over very specific phrasing. The product's data needs to include the words together to match Example: A product with a searchable property value of "fleece zip pullover" would not be shown when searching for "warm jacket". Due to the specific scope of Synonyms behavior, stemming works slightly differently when a synonym is applied. Synonym words only match on their own without doing any stemming.

«Matchmaking» Matchmaking is the process of matching two or more people together, usually for the purpose of marriage, but the word is also used in the. Another word for matchmaker: go-between, marriage broker, pandar, Collins English Thesaurus. Related terms for 'match': faggot, firelighter, incendiary, live, matchstick, poker, safety match, Things used for lighting fires and making flames Synonyms.