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Beth and daryl dating

Beth and daryl dating

Sorry Bethyl and Normily fans, it doesn't appear there's a real Daryl-Beth romance. Us Weekly made fans jaws drop and hearts flutter when it. The Walking Dead could be giving Daryl a love interest at last, but it's not There were maybe brief flashes of something with Carol, Beth and. After Kinney's character, Beth, was shockingly killed off in, she and Reedus, 46, who plays zombie hunter Daryl, stayed in touch through. We were all devastated last season when Beth was killed off in AMC's "The Daryl and Beth From “The Walking Dead” Are Dating IRL And It Is. The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus and Emily Kinney are dating, sources reveal in Daryl Beth, Beth Greene, Schauspielerinnen, Fernsehserie, Menschen.

How might we see the way Daryl treats Beth beth and now that she's proven not only to Daryl but to herself that she can take care of herself after she puts down the zombies that were so threatening to her? I don't think Daryl is the type of character who needs a wardrobe change; you grab what you can grab and maybe you can trade it for something.

Not only can she can fight and protect herself but she's opened up a soft spot inside of Daryl and that's probably the area that he's most uncomfortable with in the world -- more so than a zombie apocalypse.

She too was looking for meaning in her new life and was willing to do whatever she could to help the group survive, even if that meant changing diapers. Daryl and Carol have a very strong bond, too and theirs didn't just happen overnight. Being stuck with each other, this episode starts with Daryl in a dark place and he doesn't want to go on and he's growling at Beth the whole time.

Beth finds a spoon that's marked Washington, D. They wind up getting drunk together, and via a game of "I've never," learn more about each other. But this episode ends and there's hope, which is something we've never seen in any of our episodes before.

Walking Dead’s Daryl and Beth Dating in Real Life